About the App

Communities is a unique news and information resource that conveniently finds and presents to you the information you care about. Because Cellular One cares about your local community, we offer a simple, easy-to-use app that’s focused on the communities you care about. No other wireless company does this. If you want local news, weather, high school or college sports, Communities has it. If you want information and news from “communities” that interest you, like the US Armed Services or the Oil & Gas sector, Communities has it.

With Communities, you select what interests you from a diverse list of sources, including social media such as Twitter and YouTube. Then whenever you check in, the latest updates from these sources will be there for you. Take a quick glance or drill down for more details; it’s up to you.

Communities also provides you with alerts from the US Government’s Commercial Mobile Alert System. These are critical alerts relating to emergencies of all kinds. From dangerous weather events to Amber Alerts, Communities delivers what you need to know.